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Lenses are used to provide the best lighting in vehicles by directing the light. DLG Plast lenses are made of high quality materials and provide a homogeneous light distribution. Durable and scratch resistant, these lenses offer high performance and long life.
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Condensation: Lenses concentrate the light, allowing it to focus, creating a stronger beam of light.

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Distribution: The lenses distribute the light homogeneously, illuminating a large area and increasing visibility.

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Anti Glare: Anti-glare coatings used on the lenses reduce reflections and do not disturb the driver's eyes, providing a clearer vision.

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Durability: Automotive lenses must be weather resistant and resistant to scratches, collisions and chemical effects.

What is Lens Technology and What Are Its Uses? 

Lens technology is an optical system used for directing and focusing light. It is widely used in automotive, photography, medical, security and many more industries.lensesBy refracting or reflecting light, it sharpens images and provides various optical effects.

dlg plast automotive lighting lens
Lens for Automotive Lighting

automotive lightingare critical to ensure driving safety and visibility. It is used in lighting components such as lenses, headlights, fog lamps and turn signals. These lenses direct, scatter and focus light, thus increasing the safety of drivers and other drivers.

Lens Usage in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry benefits greatly from lens technology. Lenses are used in vehicle headlights, fog lamps, taillights and interior lighting systems. Lenses direct and distribute light properly, while also improving drivers' visibility and increasing vehicle safety.

How is a Lens Made? Plastic Injection Molds Used in Lens Production

Plastic injection molds are often used for the manufacture of lenses. This method allows the creation of smooth and precise lens shapes. The plastic material is melted through injection molds and lenses with a special shape are formed. This manufacturing process enables mass production of high quality and durable lenses.

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