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HR Applications


Recruitment Process

We recruit with an objective and fair evaluation by considering the qualifications required by the job, personal skills and individual performances. One of the most important criteria in our recruitment processes is competencies. Our biggest goal is to add qualified, creative, highly motivated and dynamic professionals and newcomers to the DLG PLAST family who will carry themselves and the institution they work for forward.


At DLG PLAST, the "Orientation Program", which is implemented to facilitate the adaptation of our employee, who has started the training process to the job and the company, and to adopt the corporate culture and values as soon as possible, begins. The aim is to introduce the company values to our new personnel during the orientation process, to make them trust the company, their colleagues and managers, and to gain work motivation.

Training and Development

We focus on supporting the development of our employees throughout their business life and revealing and developing their creativity so that they can fulfill their duties more effectively and be successful in changing business conditions every day. We see continuity in professional development as a great power that will carry our company to the future, and we work to provide our employees with the knowledge, skills and competencies they will need through training activities.

Performance management

Our performance management system consists of target setting, monitoring, interim evaluation and year-end evaluation processes. We consider the data obtained from the performance evaluation results in processes such as human resources planning, remuneration studies and employee development plans. With the performance management system we implement, our employees are evaluated in a fair and objective way in line with the determined targets, as well as manager-employee meetings and internal communication. We aim to contribute and create a two-way “dialogue” environment.

As DLG PLAST, we believe that our employees' sense of dedication and passion for the work done lead our company to efficient business results. In this sense, our most important motivation factors are to define the expectations of our employees correctly, to create career plans and to offer opportunities, to develop reward systems and seniority incentive practices that strengthen employee loyalty, and to organize social activities that increase internal communication.

Employee Engagement

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