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Interior Trim


Interior Trim

DLG Plast's interior trim parts are produced in accordance with the stringent standards and requirements in the automotive industry. Material selection is made by considering factors such as durability, fire resistance, UV resistance and aesthetics. At the same time, interior trim parts are designed for correct assembly and integration within the vehicle.
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Durability: Interior trim parts used for automotive lighting feature high durability. These parts are resistant to shocks, vibrations and external influences, thus providing a long-lasting performance.

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UV Resistance: Interior trim pieces show UV resistance even when exposed to sunlight. Thanks to this feature, they do not encounter problems such as discoloration or deformation even in long-term use. Thus, the car's interior lighting system continues to work stably and stably.

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High Light Reflectance: The interior trim pieces used for lighting attract attention with their high light reflectivity. These parts allow the light inside to be distributed over a wider area, thus providing better illumination of the car interior.

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Easy assembling: Interior trim pieces can be easily installed for car manufacture or for subsequent lighting modifications. These parts are typically designed with pluggable features and can be inserted quickly and easily using standard attachment points. This speeds up the production process and provides practicality in service or replacement situations.

What are Interior Trim Parts and What Are Their Uses?

Interior trim parts are interior components used in the automotive industry. These parts are designed to improve the aesthetic appearance and user experience of the vehicle interior. Interior trim items include door panels, instrument panels, seat upholstery, steering wheels and other interior details. These parts are usually produced using plastic injection molds.

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Interior Trim Parts in the Automotive Industry

Interior trim parts are components that are widely used and of great importance in the automotive industry. These parts are used to decorate the interior of the vehicle and provide ergonomics. In addition, interior trim parts are designed to improve the vehicle's driving experience and provide a more comfortable environment for passengers. In the automotive industry, interior trim parts are used in vehicles of different brands and models and offer various design and color options.

How to Manufacture an Interior Trim Plastic Injection Molds Used in the Production of Interior Trim Parts

Interior trim parts are usually produced using plastic injection molds. First, designers create technical drawings of the part. Then, these drawings are sent to the plastic injection mold manufacturers and the mold design is made. Plastic injection molds enable the production of interior trim parts in desired shapes and sizes.

The production process begins with the melting of the plastic material and injecting it into the mold. The plastic material is filled into the cavities in the mold and waited for a while to cool. The extruded part is then cleaned, cut and ready for assembly. At the final stage, interior trim parts are installed in the interior of the vehicles.

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