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About us 

dlg plast automotive lighting lens
dlg plast automotive lighting lens
dlg plast automotive lighting lens
dlg plast automotive lighting lens

Your future for the future
We manufacture parts.

DLG PLAST, which continues its existence under the roof of DALGIÇ KALIP A.Ş, which was established in 1988, continued its existence in Bursa factory by becoming a company in 2016 with a strategic decision. Specializing in the lighting group for the automotive sector, our company has managed to become a company that produces high-precision plastic molds and parts with its 100-person staff and nearly 35 years of experience. Our company, which successfully produces plastic parts with high processing precision, used in headlights, taillights, signal lights and all interior and exterior lighting groups, also produces lenses, light tubes, headlight housings, 2K and high precision molds in its mold factory in Tuzla, Istanbul. Our company, which manages all processes from part design to assembly product supply, is an important project partner of global Tier-1 companies. 

dlg plast plastic injection molding


We are a business that is not a supplier but a partner of its customers by providing quality and reliable service in the supply of parts and assembled products to the automotive industry.


To be an important manufacturer of the automotive lighting industry by combining high precision mold production capability and product production capability.

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