Tasarımdan kalıba, kalıptan parçaya ve parçadan montajaher adımda biz varız!

DALGIC KALIP A.S has established in 1988 and DLG PLAST OTOMOTIV has been operating its production facilities as a seperated department under the roof of DALGIC KALIP A.S until it got separeted to became a private corporation and moved to a seperate factory in Bursa. Our firm is capable of serving to its customers by applying Industry 4.0 requirements to its production facilties in order to serve plastic part production and assembling with POKE / YOKE applied robotic montage machines. DLG is located in a 2500 square meter o a closed area in the heart of the Turkish Automotive Industry, Bursa, with its machinery of 10 injection machines and 10 different assembling lines. We as a firm applied a visionary perspective of serving as a “FULL SERVICE SUPPLIER” in plastic tool, part production and assebling. Perfect quality, perfect timing and perfect pricing is a must in our business.

Becaming a Full Service Supplier in Automotive Industry on plastic mass porudtion and assembling.

We are a firm which consider its customers as a long-term partners by serving trustwothy business on plastic production business.